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Passionate about cooking, entertaining and teaching, Kelly brings years of culinary experience to The Cookery. Previously, Kelly has worked as a professional cooking instructor for years, and has spanned the globe expanding her knowledge of different types of cuisines.

It was Kelly’s mother who ignited her passion for cooking at a young age. Growing up, Kelly often helped her mom whip up exotic dishes for many dinner parties, including their annual Chinese New Year’s party, Hawaiian luau, and Norwegian feast for the local 4-H club. She credits her love of food, along with her keen understanding of experiencing the unique role cooking plays in different cultures, to her mom.

Ever the student herself, Kelly’s desire to further her knowledge and passion has led her around the globe studying cooking throughout Asia, North America, Europe, the Caribbean and Central America. From making fresh pasta in Italy, to roasting her own pig in Kauai and discovering the unique flavors of Thailand, she possesses a distinct understanding of the world’s most coveted cuisines. Additionally, Kelly’s travels equipped her with culinary skills and techniques bespoke to each destination. Over time, she couldn’t help but find that she was passionate about sharing her experience with others.

Kelly ultimately opened The Cookery as a place where friends and family could come together and make meaningful connections over great conversation and even better food.

Tiffany Mack


Tiffany has spent over 22 years in the food industry, serving in every capacity from bartender to chef to restauranteur! She is a second-generation chef, following in the steps of her father. Early in her career, Tiffany apprenticed in Spain where she was able to hone her skills, both culinary and hospitality.

Although Tiffany loves cuisine of all varieties, she loves the simple elegance of French provincial cooking, and she enjoys adding her own flair and Louisiana influence to those dishes! When she isn’t in the kitchen, Tiffany enjoys hiking and considers herself a history buff. She resides in Houston with her husband and blended family of 6 and their 4 dogs.



Latosha is a born and raised Houstonian. Growing up, she used to stand in the kitchen, watching her grandma make soul food, which is where her love of cooking began! Latosha has spent over 20 years in the industry, most of that time spent in the kitchen.

When she gets to go out and enjoy someone else doing the cooking, she loves Mediterranean cuisine and will always order her favorite mezze – hummus! Latosha calls Houston home with her 4 beautiful kids, her soon-to-be husband, and his 2 children, who she loves as her own.

Josh Langton


Josh was born and raised in Houston, Texas where he always enjoyed helping his mom in the kitchen. Anything from baking cakes, to hosting a family dinner for the holidays, Josh was always there to lend a helping hand.

It wasn’t until college when Josh found a place that he could combine his love of service for others with his love of food; as a room service employee at a local hospital where he would assist patients with ordering and enjoying their food.

With this newly ignited passion for food, Josh has joined The Cookery, and loves to explore new restaurants and cuisines. He likes to replicate new favorite dishes at home with his trusted taste tester, his dog Ollie.



Kamryn is a passionate Korean-style aspiring chef and artist.  Her love of creativity extends to the way she expresses herself through both cooking and art.

She has a love and an appreciation for the beauty of nature as she also enjoys foraging and playing with her pet tortoise, “Rayleen.”

She looks forward to meeting you at The Cookery!

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